Thursday, April 8, 2010

Four Months!

Mark and I just got back from our 4-month (40% through the pregnancy!) doctor visit, and everything is great!  We got to hear the heartbeat using one of those doppler heartbeat monitors; it was so nice to get that additional reassurance that things are going well.  I actually broke down yesterday and ordered a doppler for us to use at home (I just couldn't resist; it was CHEAP) and can't wait for it to get here!  It has a cool feature where we can record the heartbeat to our computer, so stay tuned and we will upload it for you to hear soon.

In the meantime, I've been feeling really good.  Bloated (ha!) and a bit tired, with the now-routine morning stomach icks, but I honestly can't complain.  Unlike all those hangovers I once had in my partying days (JUST KIDDING, mom!), at the end of this journey, WE GET A BABY!!  So, you know, totally worth it.

Since I just sent the link to this blog out to our family and friends today, I hope to have lots of people joining us here soon.  If you've found us, WELCOME and thank you for stopping in to read about these foibles throughout our pregnancy.  Assume I'll be pretty schmoopy on here, as well as silly and sarcastic, but most of all, I hope you know how lucky Mark and I feel to have you all in our lives.  This wouldn't be nearly as exciting of a time for us if it weren't for your support and excitement.  Hugs!!


  1. Congrats!

    Love that we get to follow along :)

  2. Amy,

    Yay! A new post! :)

    Glad the appointment went well! The sound of a baby's heart rhythm is the best!

    Three things:

    1)Did you know that there is a baby clothes company with the name Chickpea???? I saw a baby item with this name on it this week! I was going to buy it for you, but it was not gender neutral.

    2)I did buy you a cute mobile and I think you are going to love it! If you already have an idea for one, you can always use it for the bassinet or something.

    3)I am having a hard time not buying items for your baby! I think that Aunt Alicia (That looks so cool in type and yet so weird!) is going to go broke when you have this baby!

    So excited for you! LOVE YA!


  3. I've been using the wrong name for Chickpea. I've been calling him/her Nugget. Serves me right for naming your baby (ha!) before reading your blog. Promise that once he/she is born, though, you will bestow the name Nugget on him/her. It's totally gender-neutral, right?? ;-)

    Anyway, like I said in email... I'm so beyond thrilled for you and Mark. You're going to be fabulous parents to this GORGEOUS child.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every single moment of this. And afterwards too, of course.


  4. And if you ever get bored and need something else to do with your Doppler monitor, you can buy a little cuff and use it to take Lucy and Molly's blood pressure and listen to their hearts ;-). Ha!

  5. It's amazing. I was thinking today how I have followed you, through blogging, through remeeting Mark, buying a house together, adopting a puppy, buying a house, adopting another puppy, engagement, marriage and now this. :) Coolio!
    So happy for you! :)


  6. Thanks for including me in this journey!

  7. Carole and grandma to be!April 10, 2010 at 9:54 AM

    I am so happy your 4-month doctor visit went well and that our precious "Chickpea" is doing great. I love this blog honey. You know that I'm not a Facebook/Blogger person, but I promise to comment as often as I can. This is such an awesome time in our lives, and I thank God for this special blessing....a Burton Baby!!!!

    I love you all so much!

    Mom Doty

  8. GINORMOUS hugs from SO far away! Hopefully one day I can meet you all in person...especially with a little chickpea of my own.

    CONGRATULATIONS for the millionth time!!


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