Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dreaming in Color (Pink...or Blue?)

Mark and I don't plan on finding out the gender of our baby.  This might be hard for some to believe, but while it's not the easy choice, we definitely feel it's the right one for us.  I mean, how many true (and good) surprises can you really get in life these days?  I count getting engaged as one such surprise and I also count that day as one of the best of my life.  Whenever I get anxious to know more about the baby inside me, I think about the "It's a ____!" experience we have to look forward to on Birth Day and am comforted that it will vastly add to what is sure to be another amazing and favorite day in our lives.

I'm not one to subscribe to the "Girls rule; Boys drool" theory.  When I think about having a boy, I feel just as content as I would if we were blessed with a girl.  Plus, if you knew me as a mouthy teenage girl, you would understand how I might be nervous about the possibility of that coming back at me twofold if we do have a girl (soooo sorry for putting you through that, mom)!

That brings me to the dreams I've had thus far.  Early in our pregnancy, I had a dream that involved two baby girls.  One was a bit older than the other, but they were both blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauties.  I'm not sure if they were mine in the dream or if I even felt like they were mine, but they were certainly in my possession.  Last night, however, I had a very graphic dream in which I went into labor and could actually feel the stomach contractions pulsating - though they didn't hurt - and could feel the pressure and excitement I imagine going into labor creates.  It was all very real and at the end of it, the doctors yelled out, "It's a boy!" and handed me the baby.  Later as we were showing him to people, I said his name out loud.  The name I said is one that is near the top of our boy-name list.  I have no doubt that if we do have a boy in September, that will be his name now that I've had this dream.  Although...in it, Mark wasn't so accepting of the middle name we've already talked about, so I might have to work on him in real life a little more just in case.  And no, I'm not telling you what it (or the first name) is. ;o)

I'm not sure I believe Chickpea is a boy just from this dream intuition, but I do know that I was extremely proud and content with the way things ended up in the dream.  One thing to add is that my sister has four boys - four happy, sweet, well-behaved boys!  I love them as much as one is able to love a child that isn't their own.  You can imagine, though, that my mom is totally 'Team Girl' this time around...she wants and deserves a granddaughter (but will obviously be happy no matter how things end up).  Obviously we have no control over this, but if we did have a girl, it would be pretty amazing.

I just want this baby to come into our lives happy and healthy.  I want us to be able to help him or her to achieve their dreams - no matter what gender they end up being, Mark and I will teach them that nothing is impossible, that whether they are a girl or a boy, anything they want is within their right and their grasp.  And isn't that the most important thing of all?


  1. Whatever the sex, this Burton baby will be loved beyond belief by his/her entire family! Amy is correct, however, that I am "Thinking Pink" (as is Alicia, she would love to have a niece!) but we both will be ever so Blessed to have a healthy child to love and cherish!

    Note to Amy Sue....You are TOTALLY worth all the mouthiness as a teen. Remember that I was paying MY dues for my less-than-pleasant actions to my precious mother when I was a teen. It's amazing though...I remember once when I apologized to my mother for my actions/words at times...and you know what she told me??? It made me cry (and still does). She said "I don't remember any of those times, I only remember how sweet and loving and fun you were." Now THAT's unconditional motherly love. I love you very much Amy, and wouldn't change a thing about you!

    Anxiously awaiting Burton grandchild #1!!!


  2. I think it's awesome and also brave for not finding out the sex of Chickpea! Either way, you will be blessed with something you and Mark created and that in and of itself is amazing and beautiful, thus your child will be, too.

    P.S. Man I'm cheesy.

  3. I totally laughed outloud when you said that I had 4 "sweet, well-behaved boys!" Now that is FUNNY! They ARE terrific, but well-behaved.....ummm.....not so much! Well, maybe they are well-behaved, but they are FULL of excessive energy, and in my mind, this makes them less than well-behaved! :)

    Anyway, I can't wait to meet my niece or nephew! He or she will be SO LOVED!!!

    Pregnant dreams are crazy....you really can't take too much from them. Although, I SO KNEW that Nolan was going to be a boy from a dream that I had when I was pregnant with him. We hadn't found out his gender while pregnant, but I had no doubt that the doctor would yell out: "It's a boy!" So, who knows?!

    Whatever the outcome, he or she will be the CUTEST baby ever! And, I am counting the days until then! Love and Hugs!!!

  4. I have a weird feeling that it'll be a boy but I can't quite explain why I get that feeling. Either way, the baby will be amazing!! And, if it's a boy and I end up having a girl someday, our kids can get married!! And, if we both have kids of the same sex, they can be best friends. :)

    Seems pretty perfect either way. :)

  5. I'm going to teach your kid how to be a BAMF regardless of the sex. It's going to be awesome.

    PS: That floating baby countdown thing in the sidebar is creeping me out.

  6. i love what you said about having a real true surprise! i like the suspense. sometimes i feel like couples ruin it when they find out the sex and name the baby before they ever even see it. i'm excited for you and mark that you are waiting. i still have a feeling that chickpea will be a baby boy though. in any case however, i just hope you have a healthy baby and a good experience!

  7. YAY! Finally another who wants to keep it a surprise!! I feel/felt the exact same way when I was .. well .. it was 10 years ago. OMG.

    The baby will be truly blessed to have parents like you, no matter what the sex is.

  8. I didn't find out the sex of my first. But, since I totally wasn't surprised when they said "it's a girl," I decided to find out the sex of the second when the time came. Just because I knew it was a boy -- just like I knew our first was a girl. Feel well! ;)

  9. I just found you after some blog hopping... anyway, this is one of those things that is near and dear to my heart. We didn't find out and it was the MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE, ever! Everyone thought it was a boy. At my shower we had people dress in pink or blue based on their guesses, it was something like 40 people in blue and 5 in pink. When she was born the doctor held her up so that we would be first to know, my hubby said he's never heard me more excited than when I said "It's a GIRL!" It's what I wanted, but never actually said it out loud to anyone:-)
    Congratulations... I'll be following your journey!


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