Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lotion...it does a body good!

I came home from a crazy day of work only to be greeted by a thoughtful, unexpected present from my dear friend Jilly (I briefly mentioned her in this post)! If you ask me, the best kind of present is the kind you aren't expecting that you get for no reason at all. Lately, I've gotten a few of these because of this thing I'm doing...you know, growing a baby? And along with growing comes stretch marks! But Jilly wouldn't let those nasty things happen to me...

Because she treated me to some fancy belly oil and lotion!

And let me tell you, this stuff smells amazing.

Thank you so much, Jilly! You are such a sweetie to think about my future bikini needs. Er...just kidding - I think my bikini days are o-v-e-r.

While we're on the subject of lotion, let me share with you what's on our computer desk right now:

HEY, get your mind out of the gutter! Ohhh, don't try telling me you didn't just go there*!

Truth is, the reason there is lotion and a washcloth on our desk is because I spent the morning trying to record and upload Chickpea's heartbeat with the use of our new doppler.

It didn't go so well. I'm technologically inept. WOE IS ME.

I won't give up, though. Promise. You WILL hear that amazing heartbeat soon. But if any of you know how in the heck to record sound with a dual audio jack (using our Mac - which hates me), I'd greatly appreciate your input!

*Sorry for being a bit inappropriate, mom - you know I can't help myself. Hahaa...


  1. Glad you liked the gift! Use it well. :)

    And, I'm so glad you wrote about the lotion by the computer. Next time someone comes over and spots a towel and bottle of vaseline by our computer, I know exactly what I'm going to tell them! lol.

    Love you!

  2. Great gift Jill!

    Amy-you are too funny with the lotion and washcloth picture. Everyone had to go there at least once LOL

    Can't wait to hear that precious heartbeat!

  3. Amy...you are too funny! I didn't think anything was inappropriate in this post. Hey, I may be 63 years old, but I'm no prude. Enjoy the lotion. Jill is such a sweet, thoughtful friend! God Bless her.

    Good luck with uploading Chickpea's heartbeat. Wish I had some suggestions, but you know how computer illiterate I am.

    Praying you have a less hectic workday honey. Love, hugs and kisses to all.



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