Saturday, April 23, 2011


I sometimes feel a little panicky over how fast life seems to move these days. Will I remember how intoxicating Tate smells after his bath or the way he always begins talking and cooing - rarely crying - the second he wakes up? How he looks at me with love and plays with my key necklace while nursing?

I take what seems like a million pictures and have close to a hundred videos of our little man already. And still, I worry that someday I might forget something of this most perfect, happy, precious time, of how amazing my boy is.

This parenting gig is like a full exercise of the heart...I love every phase and can't wait to experience all of the fun phases ahead, yet I can barely believe he's no longer my tiny, brand new baby.

 I often tell Tate that no one will ever be loved more than him. Maybe the same, but never, ever more.