Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday marked 18 weeks along. It also happened to be the first day that I unmistakably could feel the baby moving inside me! Starting on Tuesday, I began feeling gurgling or a 'goldfish flopping' feeling, but thought it was gas or my food settling. But when it began happening more frequently, it dawned on me that little Chickpea was trying to let me know s/he is in there!

It's still pretty fluttery, but there is no mistaking it now that I know what it feels like. And it feels...AMAZING. That's our baby in there! I know I'll probably regret saying this, but I can't wait until Chickpea actually grows big enough to give mama a swift kick to the belly. I can't wait until it's a game, where I push at my stomach and s/he pushes back. Of course I'll need to discourage such behavior later in life, but for now, I'm just going to take it one step (and kick!) at a time. :o)


  1. A friend of mine just told me her birth story this week and she said "I knew I had a willful child on my hands when she'd lodge her foot under my rib and pushed the rib out. I would push her foot no avail." :)

  2. Kicks are the best... you won't regret saying that!!! Also fun are what feels like complete turns... until there is no more room for her/him to do that, then you really start seeing your belly bulge out as the little squirt tries to get comfortable. So much fun! Enjoy it!!!

  3. How exciting!!! Even after carrying 4 babies, I am in awe of this amazing wonder!

    Just wait until you feel them hiccup inside you! :)

    Love and Hugs!!!

  4. that's so cool! i used to nanny for a women who had four kids (and was preggers with twins, oy) and you could actually see her belly moving and morphing somedays. she would push and the babies would move and push back. kind of freaked me out at the time, but that's pretty cool that you got to feel chickpea move!


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