Thursday, April 15, 2010

They Call it Puppeh Love

You see up there in header, where it says, "...and then 'We' became 'Three'?"  It's kind of misleading.  The truth is, while we are expecting our first child, Mark and I have had two furbabies for quite some time! And yes, skin babies are waaaaaay different, but our love for these beauties knows no bounds - we are both total suckers for them.  I thought it was only fair to introduce them to you (in case you don't already know them - and if not, that is shocking since I talk about them ALL THE TIME) so you know that we will actually be turning into a family of FIVE in September.  :o)

This is Molly.  She turned four years old today!  Well, we pretend April 15th is her birthday, since we rescued her when she was roughly 6 months old on October 15, 2006. 

She's a 75-pound Black Lab/Australian Shepherd mix who thinks she is a lap dog. She might be the best-behaved dog I've ever had the pleasure to know.  Well...maybe not when there is a squirrel outside, but who can blame her? 
Molly is always doing things that make me laugh.  She likes holding hands and will continue to lift her paw until someone takes it - just to hang out and let you know she's there.  She is the dog I go to when I need to decompress.  I sit on the floor and she instantly trots over to me, turns, backs up, and then sits in my lap and stays there as I hug her until all the tension in my stomach has melted away.  I'd feel pretty lost without her.
This beauty is Lucy.  Lucy, an Australian Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd mix, was another lucky rescue.  We got her on June 8, 2008 - just a couple weeks after our wedding.  She is the result of what happens when I cry during those ASPCA commercials (this was the Sarah McLaughlin one - SOB!).  Mark caught me crying and said out loud, "Ok, OK!  We can get a dog for Molly..."  I find it hilarious, because while I'd been hinting at wanting another dog to keep Molly company, I certainly didn't expect it to be THAT easy.  I mean, I cry about everything.

Lucy is my little cuddlebug.  She is the most loving, sweet, trusting dog in the world.  As long as you are giving Lulu attention, you can do pretty much anything to her and she won't budge.  And yes, that includes grabbing her front paws while she is laying on her back (a favorite position that she noisily flops into upon seeing you approach her) and dragging her across the wood floors.  Uh...please don't call the Humane Society citing abuse; I swear, she loves it!

Lucy makes the most awesome sounds - ones I've never heard a dog make before.  She moooooo's when she lays down or relaxes.  She also does this Tim Allen-esqe grunt when she's anxious or desperately wants to go out. It's really too cute for words. And when I think about the baby coming, I don't feel stressed about how this gal will do.  I have a feeling she is going to be a big fan of our little one.  I envision her coming to get me when the baby cries, and sitting patiently by the crib to make sure everything is going well.  She is our fierce - yet gentle - protector, and I can't wait to see that love translate to the baby.

Remember how I mentioned squirrels?  WELL.  This is what happens when one of them scampers up a tree in our yard.  Molly lumbers up and lazily pretends she can scale the tree, and Lucy reaches for the sky and sees no limit.  Yep.  That pretty sums up our pups.  I hope you love them as much as we do.  And really, I don't see how you couldn't.


  1. Chickpea is going to have the sweetest (and furriest) sisters ever. I adore those puppers.

  2. Tonks and Pugita are lapping up their puppy ice cream and screaming happy birthday!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS MOLLY-DOLLY. Grandma loves her "furbaby"...have fun!

  4. Happy Birthday Molly! skin baby will most likely share your fur babies' name (Lucy.)
    Also, Ruben's birthday is today!
    Also, again, whenever I have my skin baby, we will become a family of SIX. EEK!

  5. Haha! Never heard the phrase "skin baby" before, but I guess it only makes sense to call them that. I much prefer that phrase to "real babies" since I consider my fur-babies to be 100% my children :-).

    I seriously can't wait to see pics and or videos of the fur-gals with the new addition. Congrats on becoming a family of five! And yay for you because I know your furbabies would never be forgotten, even with the arrival of a skin baby :-). One of the many reasons I <3 you!

  6. UGH! Those frickin sarah mcloughlin commercials. They kill me EVERY time.

    Seriously though, I love your dogs. And I think I should be your official photographer when chickpea is born. =0) Well, I realize the fact that I live in another state...and that we never met in person is a factor here. But still. ;0)

  7. I hope chickpea has sweet ups just like Lulu!!!!


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