Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Grandma's House We Go

After trying for months to figure out how to upload videos from our new camera to the Mac, I succeeded! That means I can finally share with you the video that was taken (post about the day can be found here) when we told my mom, Carole, our baby news.  She is going to be so embarrassed that I shared this, but I'm pretty sure every one of you is going to fall in love with her if you haven't already.  Enjoy!

Going to Grandma's House from Amy B on Vimeo.

P.S. If you are having a hard time viewing parts of the blog right now, click here.  GRR!


  1. LOVE it! Seriously, no joke, totally cried watching it! Also, she reminds me of my mom. You guys are all so stinking cute, I just want to fly there and hug you all!!

  2. Mom, you are so cute! You always make us get more excited about everything and that's a good thing! Love you!

    Amy, I'm pretty sure Mom is excited about Chickpea! :) And, I am too! YAY! Love you!!!

  3. Ok. The "Love you, Baby Burton" card is ADORABLE.

    So cute!!!!! :)

  4. Oh my...well, I guess no one can excuse me of not being enthusiastic/exited about the good things in my loved ones lives. Don't even get me started on my grandsons! I bore everyone to tears (I was the same when sharing news about my nieces and nephews and then when I had children....)

    All I can say is, if it's a girl, you better plan to put a muzzle on me! (For those of you who don't know me...I have four grandsons!)

    Girl or boy, little "Chickpea" will be loved and cherished beyond words.

    I love you!


  5. Ok, first of all, that card that you made is adorable. You are just the sweetest thing ever!

    Second, your mom makes me laugh! She is so hilarious and beside herself! Too cute! Your baby will obviously be winning the grandma lottery :-). And just think, some day that will be you! No doubt you will be just as excitable and adorable!

  6. omg, your mom is such a cutie! so adorable! what a cool way to tell her, too=)

  7. That is SO SWEET!!! I'm sure every family member will be happy it was captured on video well into the future!!! I am so happy for your mom!!!! (and you and Mark too, of course).

  8. This was so sweet!! I'm proud of you for finally getting it to upload, too :)

  9. To upload that video to blogger, I had to go into my settings and change to the "old editor" for post editing, and then a little video clip icon will show up in your post editing window and you can add it that way. It took me a couple google searches to figure out why I couldn't see the elusive video clip icon in my editor window even though Blogger seemed to think it would be there. Guess the "updated editor" still has some bugs!

  10. OK, I'm super far behind in my blog reading, but I cried when I watched the video! Love it!!


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