Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Out There (both the news and the belly!)

Given the fact that I totally "popped" this past weekend, I knew it was getting close to time to share the baby news with my coworkers.  I had shared the news with my boss last week, because we sat down to have a discussion and it seemed relevant at the time.  My boss, whom I LOVE, couldn't have responded more sweetly!  When I'd asked him if I could talk to him and walked in to close the door, he said, "You're not leaving me, are you?!" in a panic.  I told him, "Not yet!" and we went from there.  When I told him the great news, he jumped up from his desk, did a little jig and ran around his desk to give me a hug and a kiss.  I don't think anyone could ask for more from a boss when telling them they won't be working much longer!  I feel very lucky to have his support.

On the way home from visiting my parents last weekend, I stopped in Louisville on the way to visit Brianne, a friend who I hadn't seen in a REALLY long time. Upon returning to work, one of my coworkers - a sweet but gossipy one - asked how my trip was.  I told her it was great, and that it was also really fun because I got to stop to see a good friend who I hadn't seen in a long time.  She said, "OH, that's great, since you won't be able to do that a whole lot..."  I instantly got the sense that she KNEW I was pregnant.  I mean, why else would she say it that way?  I could have been wrong, but since she dates the brother of one of Mark's good friends who Mark HAD told, I knew it was time to share the news with everyone before she did.  I immediately went in to tell my boss that I'd be telling everyone at our staff meeting that morning.

We got into the conference room and my boss said, "Well, I wanted to tell you all that, come September, Amy will no longer be working with us....Amy? Would you like to fill them in on the details?" I felt shy suddenly, but squeaked out, "Um, I'm going to have the most important job there is...I'm going to be a mom!"  It was so dorky, but certainly did the trick.  Everyone seemed happy for me and I was glad to not have to suck in my gut anymore, since it was suddenly near impossible to do, anyway!

Now that my coworkers know, I'm pretty much open with everyone about it.  I haven't broken the news on FaceBook yet, but I think I will after our 16-week prenatal visit on the 8th. 

The one thing I find so strange about telling people I'm pregnant is that I always instantly feel as though I might as well be saying, "SO...I HAD SEX!"  I know this is silly and isn't at all what people think when they hear this, but I can't help but have that cross my mind every time.  I know, I think I'm weird.  Wouldn't be the first time!


  1. Oh yes definitely! It's like saying, "Hey! Everyone! I had sex! It was fun! And it WORKED!" ;)

  2. PLEASE. Of course you can still do things with the baby. Besides. It's gonna need it's Aunt Brianne to teach it all the cool things...

  3. I used to be so horrified when my teachers got pregnant!!! It was like...they have sex too? ewwww. lol. haha.


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