Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday we had our 12-week ultrasound.  I was naturally pretty nervous going there, since this was to be the first time seeing the baby since the bleeding scare.  I was also super excited!  Originally, we weren't going to do an early ultrasound (which includes a nucal screening to check for Down Syndrome and blood tests to look for other complications) since it wouldn't have mattered if the results showed problems - we are having this baby no matter what!  But when we went in after the E.R. visit, our doctor thought it might give us some added reassurance to see the baby earlier than the typical 19-20 week ultrasound, so we hopped at the chance to see Chickpea again.

I had to drink a TON of water beforehand, so by the time we got to the doctor's office, I was literally hopping from foot to foot, trying not to embarrass myself with a pants-wetting experience.  They brought us into the room and I said to the tech, "So, are you the one I'll be trying not to pee on?" She didn't think I was very funny.  Hrrrmp.  ANYWAY, she pulled my pants lower, squirted my stomach with warm ultrasound gel, and got to work.  Within seconds, we could see our baby moving around with a strong heartbeat.  Sweetest sound EVER!  It was such a relief to see and hear.  And this time, unlike the E.R. visit (protocol and such), we got to take home pictures to adorn our fridge!  Would you look at that sweetheart?

Judging from the size of the head, it's gonna be a smart one...don't you think*?  ;o)

*Juuuust kidding! At this stage, the babies head is supposed to be as big or bigger than the body.  But as the mom, it's in my nature to make these complimentary assumptions, right?

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  1. Yes, please make complimentary assumptions AND I agree anyway....with you and Mark as the parents, how could he/she NOT be smart?! I just don't see that happening!


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