Thursday, March 11, 2010


HALP!  I'm sooooo sick and feel like I might die.  I know that sounds dramatic, but being sick while pregnant is really sucktastic.  On Sunday night, I went to bed feeling fine, only to wake up around 3am with a terrible cough that migrated from my chest.  It was the strangest thing how quickly it hit me.  I'd seen my sister and her family on Saturday, and as you know, kiddos are like the cutest petri dishes EVER.  It's clear now that I caught something that Gavin was sharing.

Since Sunday, I've only gotten sicker.  I can barely breathe and my throat is on fire.  The coughing has produced an array of colorful things, and I've been running a fever off and on.  I actually took THREE days off work!  I don't think I've ever taken that much time off in a row with the exception of the time in 2004 that I had my tonsil's taken out and tubes put in my ears - yes, I went from 27 to 5 years old that week.  The worst part is that I can't take anything, other than the antibiotic my doctor prescribed (and don't think I'm happy about taking that!) because of the risk of harming the baby.  Today I got into work and everyone was literally backing away from me.  I can't say I blame them, but what am I gonna do?  I have to work, and now that I no longer have the fever, work I shall.  Doesn't mean I SOUND healthy or like I should be here.  It's pretty pathetic, actually.

OK, off I go to blow my nose again.  AHHHHHCHEW!

Postscript Update:
This stupid sickness lasted almost 2 weeks, but I'm finally feeling human again. WOOT!!  My nose, however, is missing a layer of skin.  SEX-AY!

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