Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Visitor

After going months and months at full speed, I told myself that this weekend was officially the beginning of my do-nothing phase of pregnancy.  Isn't that nice, giving myself 10 whole days before my due date to just BE?  Well. Turns out we had a little excitement this weekend that changed that "non-plan" a bit!

If you follow me on FaceBook, you'll know we had an adorable little visitor come to our house on Saturday morning...and it WASN'T the one we've been planning and hoping for!

Name one thing an allergic couple on the verge of  becoming first-time parents needs 10 days before their due date.  GO!

I'm gonna guess you didn't think "kitten,' right?  Well, that's what we got!   

Could you just faint from the cuteness?  Believe me, Mark and I are not typically "cat people" (although we certainly don't have anything against them), but I'm pretty sure he'd be staying if we didn't have a baby coming into our lives in just a matter of single-digit days.  He has been a blast and I already know I'm going to cry when we have to give him away.  We're working hard to find a good home for him right now, so if you know of anyone, PLEASE let me know!  To add to this story, our neighbors came to our house last night with another surprise - two more matching orange kitties in a cage.  Turns out this little guy wasn't alone when he found us!  They are going to keep one, so now it looks as though we have more than one home to find for these sweet fellas.  Keep your fingers crossed that we don't need to resort to bringing them to the (NO KILL) shelter.  Sniff.

As an aside, I keep meaning to Google "Is it a sign when you are 38.5 weeks pregnant and a kitten shows up at your house?"  I mean, really...what are the chances?

On the pregnancy front, we had another doctor's appointment this morning.  When my midwife went to listen for the baby's heartbeat, she said, "Oh, you're having a contraction right now!'  She called them "rehearsal contractions" and said it's a good - but not ALARMING - sign that my uterus is getting its act together for the real thing.  Funny thing is that I've been feeling plenty of them lately, but this one I couldn't feel at all.  It's good to know I'm getting that practice even when I don't know it - Lord knows I'm going to feel them on a much more....OUCHIE level soon enough.  We opted out of an exam to see how far along I'm dilated because that wouldn't change anything and might just cause anxiety or anticipation we don't need. 

So that's about it.  A surprise kitty and a surprise contraction.  Just nine days and counting...we cannot WAIT to meet our precious little person and finally get to know him/her!


  1. I'd let my allergies get the best of me just to love on that little ball of beautiful. What a gorgeous kitten!!!

    I'd take him but Artie would eat him as a snack. EEK!

    But you know who NEEDS a kitten? Jilly! Yup, that's right. She does! :)

  2. That last pic of the kitty is ADORABLE! I hope you find a great home.....and soon!

    9 days?!.....NINE DAYS?!.....I can't wait!

    Love and Hugs!!!

  3. Holy mother of cuteness!!! I am sure someone out there needs an adorable kitten to love. I am thinking cute furry thoughts for him.

    I am so excited for you... and very glad you have some time to rest before the action starts! Enjoy it! I am sure a million people have told you to go see movies, go out for dinner, get a pedicure... but seriously, GO DO those things! You will be glad you did (in fact, I had a mani-pedi the day before I went into labour).

    I am so so so excited to see your little bundle of cuteness very very very soon! Sending huge hugs your way!

  4. Amy - I am Cooper's grandmother (v.v.) and just wanted to wish you Good Luck in the upcoming "events"... Enjoy every minute - there is nothing else like it!
    Happy Baby Ruthy

  5. I told Matt if we lived closer and didn't already have 2 cats, we'd be taking that one for sure. I LOVE orange kitties as both of mine are. :)

    NINE days?! Holy wow. I can't believe how fast it's gone (granted, I haven't been the one pregnant with Chickpea, you have)...but it's still gone fast. I can't believe I'm done to less than 4 months. Eesh! Keep me posted please :)

  6. Thinking of you in your final days! I just keep thinking that I will click over and you will have a new (non furry) member of the family!!

  7. I still vote for allergy shots and a furry little (adorable) friend for Chickpea ;-).

  8. My friend..who had your same due date..went into labor TODAY! (right now still). So heres to good vibes for you!

    Sarah "G"

  9. Cute kitty! And yay.... getting closer!!! Very exciting! :)


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