Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bump Watch: 35 & 36 Weeks (with "bonus" story!)

Before I post the latest belly pictures, I thought I'd remind you what I looked like during Week 16 when we first started documenting "the bump":

It's crazy what 21 weeks can do to a body (and baby), huh?  Admittedly, I posted this as much for my benefit as yours.  As you will see - and read - in a second, I've grown quite a bit in the past couple weeks.  And some people just can't help but tell me so...

WEEK 35:

Picture this:  I'm walking downtown with my friend/coworker, Tiffany, to grab lunch while wearing this outfit:

...when we cross paths with a young hippie dude who stops in his tracks and says to me, in his best Staples Commercial Dude voice (really, I kid you not), "WOW!  You're HUGE!  You look like you're going to POP!"

I'll give you a second to re-read that.

OK, got that? 

So my response was to somewhat sarcastically say, "WOW, thanks - you're awesome!"

And then HE asks, "But really...when are you due?" to which I reply, "In about 5 weeks."  And he, not realizing he's already said more than enough, opens his pie hole again and says, "Well it looks like they are going to have to induce you in TWO weeks!"


After picking my jaw off the ground, I said, "Hmm...yeah, that won't be happening."  He then maybe realizes he went too far with the pregnant lady and says cheerily, "Well, you go and have a healthy baby now!" before scurrying away.

It took everything in me not to yell after him, "Well, you go and get some duct tape for your BIG FAT MOUTH now!"

Tiffany then looks at me and says, "Omigod, what is wrong with some people?"  The only answer I have to give is, "I don't have enough TIME to tell you what's wrong with some people, Tiff!"

That night I went home and asked Mark to take a picture of me in the outfit I was wearing in my 35th week when some random dude stuck both of his feet in his mouth and almost got smacked kindly by a pregnant lady.

Hello, my name is Amy and I'm all bark & no bite.  

WEEK 36:

This week's pictures were taken right before we attended our infant/child CPR class I mentioned here.  After a long day at work, no one wants to go to a 4-hour class during which time you are asked to get on the floor and do chest compressions on a plastic doll, right?  WELL.  Try that while sportin' THIS, ya'll:

Now THAT'S a belleh!

Does it look smaller in a black shirt?  Yeah...didn't think so.

I joke about my stomach - and it's OK FOR ME TO DO THAT (not you, hippie boy!) - but really?  I love it so.  I mean, just look; it's a hotel for my baby!


  1. At every point in this post, I had something to say. And then something else. And then another thing. And then one more.

    But they all, in essence, are the same thing: You are flippin' awesome, lady!

    PS. When I just wrote "lady," it reminded me of the scene in Grease where Rizzo thinks she's pregnant but makes Marty promise not to tell anyone... and then two seconds later, they're pushing through a crowd and Marty says something like, "Coming through. Lady with a baby here!" Why did I just tell you that? It's not funny.


  2. I think you look fantastic. I really do. And, I absolutely love you with a headband. :)

  3. Dawn: Hahaha! LOVE that movie (and could totally quote that scene if you want me to). :o)~

    Jill: Aww, thank you! The headband was $3 at Forever 21 - I bought it because I can't fit in anything ELSE there right now... Ha!

  4. Why is it that people feel it's ok to tell pregnant women that they look "huge!" or that they are about to "pop!"? This is NEVER OK to say to a lady! I always hated being told this!

    But, I'm going to say what popped into my head anyway, after I read that your belly is a hotel for your baby.....and the ONLY reason it popped into my head is because you were on the topic of your belly being big.....anyway, I thought to myself, "A BIG hotel!" :)

    Actually, I really don't think that you look that big! It's all out front and it's all baby! I personally think you look GREAT!.....Very pregnant and VERY BEAUTIFUL! You wear it well!

    Chickpea is probably just all spread out and lounging in that 5 star hotel! And, that's the way it's supposed to be! You are already a good Momma.....look how well you are taking care of your babe!

    Keep growing that sweet babe! We can't wait to meet him or her! Love and Hugs!!!

  5. What a belly!!! You look beautiful and so happy. And, actually you CAN pop at any moment!!! Yay!

    They made you get on the floor at your CPR class? Cruel! The baby mannequins were on tables at my class, so us mammoth mamas didn't have to squat! Those classes are meant for 16 weekers, not 36! Poor you!

  6. Oh yes...aren't people lovely? I have people tell me I'm huge already and I'm only 22 weeks! I don't understand why they feel the need to tell us...

    Also, SO lame, my work blocked your blog as "adult."

  7. You look awesome!!! And I love all of your cute work clothes! :)


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