Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bump Watch: 29 & 30 Weeks

Hi, friends!  I'm back from a busy, happy, love-filled week.  It was my birthday and my stepmom ("Yom") Carla and little sister Rachel came to visit and help get the nursery around.  It was sooooo great seeing them again, since it'd been since March since I'd seen them last.  We shopped 'til we dropped, and while I was at work for a few hours, they literally got almost the entire nursery together!  Pictures to come soon - I'll be doing a start to finish series in the coming weeks.

Up now, though, is belly pics!  Sorry I'm getting a little behind on them; it's not like I'm BUSY or anything (HA)!  

WEEK 29:

29 Weeks 1
Remember when I kvetched about our air conditioner dying?  Yeah...this was taken during that time, can you tell?  What a sweaty mess I am!

29 Weeks 2
Thankfully I can still be silly while sweaty my hiney off!

29 Weeks 3
What do you think?  Am I getting bigger?  Some people are saying they think I'll deliver early, based on the size of my stomach.  We'll see!

29 Weeks 4
This is how slow a pregnant woman thinks...I was trying to figure out which pose I hadn't done yet and Mark was actually able to CAPTURE THE THOUGHT PROCESS on film.  Nice. 

WEEK 30:

30 Weeks 3
Holy frickadilly, that white shirt makes me look HUGANTIC.  Why didn't anyone tell me?!

30 Weeks 1
Not like I wouldn't wear it, anyway.  How cute are those flowers that are beginning to stretch? ;o)

30 Weeks 2
And this skirt is The Awesome.  It's non-maternity, ladies, and can be found at Old Navy (Fold Over Jersey Skirt) for crazy cheap right now. 

That's it for now.  I've plain worn myself out the last couple of weeks and it's officially Nap Central up in here.  See you zzzzz.....


  1. What can I say? You are adorable, as always! Coming down the homestretch, lady! You've given Chickpea such a lovely home for 30 weeks; better watch out or she/he won't want to come out of there ;-).

  2. I think you are looking adorable! Love and Hugs sweet Sister!

  3. You look great! I can't believe it's almost here! Doesn't it feel like it's going by so fast?


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