Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bump Watch: 27 & 28 Weeks

Hola!  I've been busy since I last checked in, camping for the holiday, working, and sweating due to a broken air conditioner combined with 90-degree & humid days here in Michigan.  WOE!  Mark is a dear and played the 'My Wife Is Pregnant' Card and got the HVAC company to move us up on the list to get a new one installed - for an extra fee, of course.  Saturday officially can't come soon enough.  DO YOU HEAR THAT, SATURDAY?!

Lucky for you, the following belly pictures were taken pre-time-to-sweat-my-hiney-off, so I'm looking quite fresh in them...heh.

I figured I'd post a couple photos of me in work clothes so you can see what I look like when I pretend to work (KIDDING)!

WEEK 27:

 This is one of my favorite shirts.  Coincidentally, it's actually not a maternity shirt! It's an 'Apt. 9' one from Kohl's, and I feel a little 80's when I wear it.  
It, like, totally makes me want to swing my necklace around like I'm at Studio 54. WOOOOO, grab the glow sticks! 

Look how respectable I look in this one.  Don't let that sweet face fool you - I'm totally nuts. ;o)

WEEK 28:
This is a 'Pea in the Pod' shirt that Mark bought me when he went to the maternity store with me.  I totally would not have treated myself to it, but I'm so glad he did!  Shame it's TOO HOT to wear it right now (ok, I'll stop complaining...)!
OH!  I can't believe I didn't mention the wall colors in the background of these pictures!  If you'll refer back to my last bump watch post, you'll notice the walls to the future nursery used to be a boring, pale blue.  Now?  It's a happy yet calming 'Delicate Cream' that is totally yellow so don't let the name fool you.  What do you think?  
 I think I better get outta here and go make dinner in my holy-hot house, because this round tummy be growling.  Toodles! 


  1. Incredible resource. I'm going to suggest this to all of the Phoenix air conditioning companies I know. Thanks again!

  2. So freakin' sweet!!! (you, of course, but...)
    I love that wall colour!! It looks a bit peachy.... I can just see oranges and blues..... or maybe oranges and pinks and yellows????

  3. No air and pregnant in this heat?! Not a good combo at all! Try to stay cool! Hugs!!!

  4. Love the wall color! Very tranquil :-). Hang in there with the heat. I think *I* would have died (ok, that may be a bit overdramatic ;-)) these past couple of days with no A/C, and I am not even pregnant, so I can only imagine.

  5. Alright. I have a bone to pick with you! You are pregnant. What's up with nothing getting bigger but your belly? (and your boobs as I know you're excited about that ;) ) I swear my entire body looks horribly distorted. My fingers are crossed I'm just bloated even though people have told me I look cute. Right. A rolly polly sweat girl is cute. Ok. Sure.

  6. Ms. M.: It's really quite yellow, but we have NO lighting in there right now (it's coming!!) so I'm sure the shadows are making it look peachish. Our colors are oranges, browns, greens and a tiny bit of baby blue. We're keeping it super neutral and will probably change out the bedding we have once we have a known-gender and figure out Chickpea's personality! I'm so excited!

    Alicia: GOOD NEWS! They called today (Friday) and said they got done on a job early and could come tonight instead of tomorrow...GOOD KARMA! :o)

    Val: It's all good - thank God I'm a happy pregnant lady or I'd be losing it! As it was, I said some choice words (to Mark, poor guy) about the extra fee to have them come two days early, so... Ha!

    Jill: Oh sweets, I'm SURE you look adorable! Who knows, maybe it's because we are carrying different genders? If you find out you're carrying a girl, I won't be surprised. Seems most carry girls all over, whereas many people carry boys out front. Not to say I believe it completely (or assume I'm carrying a boy), but it will be interesting to see if that theory is correct once we both know what we're having!

  7. You are so damn adorable!! Hope you are enjoying your air!!!

  8. OMG you are too cute! The paint colour [yes that is how CDN's spell colour] doesn't look that bad on my computer monitor. ESP when you where an Indigo coloured shirt. Therefore you must always where Indigo when in the baby's room.


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