Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bump Watch: 25 & 26 Weeks

Hola!  You might have noticed posting has been a little sparse around here.  Turns out getting ready for a baby takes work (more on that later)!  That, combined with the hormone-induced desire to chill and sleep - which, uh, isn't coming easily these days - doesn't leave a whole lot of time to come on here and bore you pretties to tears. ;o)

Today is actually the 1st day of my third - and LAST - trimester!  Oh my goshies, I don't think you know how happy that makes me.  I realize this is going to feel like the longest trimester by far, but I also think it's going to be the most exciting and busy.  Today also marks the three year anniversary of Mark and I getting engaged! Three years ago, I was woken up early in the morning from a deep sleep to see my sweetie on his knee with a shiny ring and red rose in hand; today I'm on the verge of waddling and have just three months until I'll be woken quite often from a deep sleep for a very different, yet equally awesome, reason.  Don't you just love how timing works?

Onto belleh pics!  Are you getting tired of these yet?  TOO BAD FOR YOU!  Hahaaaa...

WEEK 25:
I'm growing out of this shirt.  It's one of my favorites, too.  DANG!

This is what happens when we let the dogs in the room while taking photos.  They are craaaazy!

And this is what happens when I'm ready to be done with the photo op (don't you like the hands on my hips?).

WEEK 26:

(See? Lucy just couldn't resist sticking her nose in it...)

How you doin'?  Welcome to my nekkid belly.  I made a comment last week to Mark about how I look bigger than a couple pregnant women I know who are further along than me and he said, "Babe, that's because you are ALL PARTY OUT FRONT!"  It made me giggle, because it's so true.

Don't be tardy to the party, ya'll.


  1. Yay for last trimesters!! Also, we totally have the same outfit (the pink shirt) except mine is blue, same jeans and all! I knew we were a lot alike! I'm so excited to see how the rest of these weeks go and see the progress on the nursery and hear all of your stories!! And all party out front?! LOVE it!

  2. I love your face when the dogs are in the room for photo time; your eyes sparkle with laughter. Just think, in less than 3 months, your eyes will be sparkling like that as you gaze into Chickpea's eyes :).

    Also, we will NEVER be tired of pics of your gorgeous smile! You make ME smile!

  3. 1. You are so effing cute. Is "effing" ok to say on a site about a baby? I'm going with yes, beacuse I'm cool like that.
    2. I cannot believe it was THREE years ago that you and Mark got engaged. I remember reading about it and being SO happy for a "stranger"...I'm so glad that I get to share in this part of the journey also.
    3. BIG HUGS!!! That is all :)

  4. You look fantastic!

    I can't wait till Chickpea comes into the world :)

  5. What great pictures of my beautiful sister! Love ya!!!

  6. Belllllyyyyyy! I love the belly!!!!! You look beautiful.

  7. You look sooooo cute!! Congrats on entering the home stretch and Happy 3 year engagementaversary! :) Yes, that's a word. :) xo Love you!

  8. Loving the belleh!! So absolutely adorable. Can't believe it's been 3 years since you got engaged! Crazy! And congrats on entering the 3rd trimester!

  9. It's a party in your front and Chickpea is the host with the most! You look fantastic and appear to be feeling well despite the need to sleep... enjoy the sleep now! There is more tossing and repositioning and peeing in the middle of the night in your future.... oh! and then come the feeds, and diaper changes! Sleep sleep sleep while you can.

    I remember that day 3 years ago!!!!!!!!! How exciting.... for all of us! Congrats!

  10. my word verification was "hacidog"... Hah see a dog, do you see a dog?

  11. you have such a cute baby belly!


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