Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today is Father's Day, and while technically I'm still carrying our first child (one we've created together - these girls certainly do count, as well!), I already very much view Mark as a father - and an amazing one at that.  As busy as he is and as little we get to see him these days, he somehow is still magically able to meet the demands and needs that his pregnant wife and excitable puppies have.

I find myself spending a lot of time during these last months of pregnancy envisioning what it will be like to be a parent, a mama to Chickpea.  Sometimes I worry that I won't know exactly what to do, that my heart will break in two the first (and 100th) time I'm not able to comfort our little one as it cries.  I have lots of little worries about the "what-if's," but not one of them entails wondering or worrying about what kind of father Mark will be.

When I met Mark, I instantly knew I had met my equal and had no doubt he would make a wonderful father.  His tender heart, love and ability to care for those more than he ever takes care of himself are just a few reasons why I look forward to being a co-parent beside this man. I find myself daydreaming about the look on his face when he sees this baby for the first time, thinking about the time he will spend teaching and encouraging our baby from day one, and how much fun they will have together.  To say Chickpea is lucky to have the father s/he will have is a crazy understatement.  This kiddo won the Daddy Lottery, to say the least.

Mark, thank you for being such an amazing, unfaltering husband, and for giving me so much to look forward to as we venture further down this path we find ourselves navigating together. You make it all so much happier, sweeter, and more worthwhile. I hope I'm half the parent I know you'll be...and just having you by my side means I don't have to worry about much -- I know you'll always see to it that we are loved and taken care of in your quiet and gentle way. What a gift you are. We love you!

And to my own dad...

Thank you for your own quiet and gentle love over these past (almost) 34 years.  I've never doubted your love for me and that is a true gift for a child!  I love you very much! xoxo


  1. So very well written! I can't wait to hear all the daddy stories (and mommy) and I also can't wait to hear the first time Mark freaks out about something whether it be a large booger or spit up on his shirt or something like that....I think all daddies have their moments of panic...and I think it's adorable

  2. Happy 1st Father's Day Mark!!! I know that you will be a wonderful Dad to Chickpea! :)

  3. Happy Father's Day, Mark! I'm really excited for you both! :)

  4. Very sweet! Chickpea will undoubtedly be so lucky to have both of you. Happy Father's Day to Mark!


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