Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today, I Want for Nothing

Back in my mid-twenties, I would have given anything to wake up in the morning and think, "I have no desires today; today I am happy with exactly who I am and what I have in this precious life." Which, coincidentally, is exactly what I woke up thinking today, on my 34th birthday. 

The thing is, all of the days I woke up wishing I had more or something different are the very reason why I can appreciate the amazing life I am living.  I should really thank all those tear-filled days and those times filled with unanswered prayers, huh?  Thank you, icky days and unknown times...because you happened, I am truly, finally able to see the beauty in the world around me.

I am married to my soul mate (the most amazing person) and just 9 weeks away from giving birth to a little person we created together...  I have an incredibly loving and supportive family that has always given me reason to believe the world was my oyster and I could do anything I put my mind to...  I have many wonderful friends who make me laugh and love me just the way I am...  I have two of the sweetest dogs on Earth that make frantic little 'CLICK CLICK' noises as they excitedly dance on the wood floors when I get home from work, who shower me with smiles & messy kisses....  And, uh, I have wood floors, which means I actually have a HOME, a safe, warm (and cool - YAY!) home...  I have a job to go to each day, one that is ending on the last day of this year, which will give me some of the much-needed time I crave to spend with our Chickpea, to take time to become the mom I have always dreamed of being... And, sure, I have a ton of material things that are pretty and useful, and I have the money - for now, anyway (if Chickpea is a girl, Lord help us!) - to spend on the things we need and want.

So, yeah.  I don't need a single thing.  A dear friend sent me a text message today that said, "Think of any kicks from Chickpea today as his/her way of saying, "Happy birthday mama, I love you!"  And it made me smile from here to there.  I'm loved, and kicked from the inside, and all is right in the world.


  1. This post is so beautiful. It made me cry. It really did. Happy birthday, my beautiful friend. Enjoy your many kicks from The Pea today. You are so very loved.

  2. beautiful, wonderful and perfect! You made me aww and tear. Happy Birthday and God bless you all :)
    Sarah G

  3. Awwww... this is all so wonderful! You deserve to be so lucky! Happy birthday!!!

  4. You're the pregnant hormonal one, so why are you always making the rest of us cry?? :)

    You are a very blessed woman and you deserve all of it! Hope you had an absolutely wonderful birthday!

  5. So well put. Isn't life grand? Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Beautiful sentiments, as always. I am so happy that you are so happy :-). You deserve every wonderful person, thing, and event in your life.

  7. The last sentence of this post is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever read from you. I want to stitch it on a pillow and paint it on a canvas! (Hmm...perhaps I will!)

    Loves to you dearest Amy. I feel blessed to know you.


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