Monday, May 24, 2010

Bump Watch: 22 Weeks

You guys, I'm getting HUGE!  And I have...four more months of growing to do.  Something tells me this is going to be a long, hot, uncomfortable summer.  Let's hope that when my uterus reaches its final destination, the baby is able to distribute evenly as opposed to going OUT even more.

Don't ask me what I'm doing here, because I don't know.  It sort of fits, though, doesn't it?  Looks like I'm thinking, "OMG, am I going to fit into ANYTHING by the time this is said and done?!"

Don't worry - no matter how big I get, I'll still act like a jackass.  See?

And I'll still be able to play with the puppers (I hope?!)...

Let's hope I continue to have smooth skin no matter how big I get (I think the awesome lotion and oil Jilly got me is working!)

I must admit this has been a rough week, health-wise.  I started feeling really dizzy and out of breath last Tuesday, and it's getting worse with each day along with excessive tiredness.  I went in for blood tests; hopefully they will just show that I'm anemic or something easily fixed.  In the meantime, I'm trying to rest as much as possible (which is hard to do since I've been getting up 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom lately!) and feel thankful this is one of the only problems I've encountered so far in this pregnancy.  Up until now, I've had very little to complain about.  Imagine that! ;o)

*I wanted to point out the bird scrabble pendant I'm wearing - isn't it adorable?  Bean and I share a love of all things 'Bird' and she sent it to me out of the blue about 6 months ago.  Thanks again, Bean/Jill!  I love it and always get compliments when I wear it!  xoxo


  1. Take good care of yourself Amy! You and Chickpea need lots of rest! I once read that a lady's body is working so much in pregnancy, that it's comparable to a person climbing a mountain! That's probably why you feel dizzy!

    Drink lots of water, try to stay off your feet for long periods and get good sleep.....especially sleep....once Chickpea is here, you won't sleep well again NEVER! :) But, it will be SO WORTH it!

    Love ya!!!

  2. I'm so sorry you are feeling poorly, honey. Is there anything that I can do for you? The hot/humid weather is not helping, I'm sure. Are you drinking enough water? Please let me know if you need anything! You look adorable in the pictures! Can't wait to see little chickpea in person!

    I love you all very much!


  3. That necklace looks so cute on you! <3
    So are your weeks stickers? Is it sad that for about 3 weeks now I've been trying to figure that out? I'm such a nerd. I think you look beyond cute and it's ok to keep growing...Chickpea is enjoy his/her home!

  4. I hate that you're not feeling well. I hope it helps to hear that you look as adorable as is humanly possible. You really do!

  5. I'm sorry you're not feeling well - I completely sympathize with the getting up multiple times each night to go to the bathroom thing. It's the pits! I swear as soon as I fall into a nice, deep sleep my bladder wakes me up :p

    These pictures are adorable - I especially love the look on your face in the first one! :)

    Maybe if you have some free time one of these weekends, we can get a kiddie pool and fill it with water and just sit there with our feet in it like a couple of exhausted, over-heated pregnant ladies while Tom brings us raspberry lemonade and snacks ;)

  6. Ok, since you insist, copied straight from my e-mail: I don't think you look huge, at ALL. I think you still look gorgeous and happy and could be the poster child for that "pregnant glow". If you are feeling "large", my theory is that your baby is either very high maintenance or very chill...meaning it is either demanding more space by kicking your uterus and surrounding organs and tissues with all its might, OR it is so laid back that it is just lounging around to it's greatest contentedness in there. I picture her (TEAM GIRL...woot, woot! ;-)) all stretched out in there, as if on a lounge chair, ordering a cocktail by the pool. Ignore the fact that this vision has your child consuming alcoholic beverages before it is born ;-), k? That is my theory. Hehe!


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