Monday, May 10, 2010

Bump Watch: 20 Weeks

Hello, my pretties!  I hope you had a lovely weekend and an even better Mother's Day if it applied to you (and if you are mama to an animal, stepchild or have a wee one on the way - it applies)!  I had a great day yesterday, despite the fact that I went into a cleaning frenzy after telling myself not to...I rationalized with myself by thinking, "This is how every future Mother's Day will be, me taking care of a little one, feeding and cleaning up after it...might as well start now!"  Makes sense, right?

Mark took me out to a nice dinner and for frozen yogurt, and bought me the cutest sun hat to wear now that I'm more susceptible to burning.  I can't wait until we have enough sun to use it!

This week I seemed to get bigger and then suddenly a little smaller. Gas? Water weight?  It's anyone's guess:

I also noticed that from the back, my behind and hips seem to be widening a bit.  SAY IT ISN'T SO!

I'm getting to the point where I can't wear too many of my non-maternity pants without using a hair tie to rig it up.  The khaki's I'm wearing here are the last ones I can button up without feeling like blood is going to shoot out of my ears.  Oof!

It won't be long before Miss Molly can't sit on my lap anymore.  I'm kind of sad about that, but I'm sure she'll understand...or find a new way to sit on me!

Just for posterity, I thought I'd post a belly picture from Week 16 - the 1st week I started documenting. Ah yes, I see a difference!  Do you?


  1. You look fantastic and healthy :) You have that glow and it looks good on you. Molly will figure a way to snuggle in another way--the middle of your back when you are on your side!

  2. Amy Sue "Sunshine" look adorable. You are glowing, as well as growing! Can't wait to see your new sun hat. Mark is such a sweetheart. I never doubt that you are being taken good care of and/or loved. He always goes above and's just who he is. Love you Mark!

    Take care honey and hope to see you soon.

    Much Love, Mom

  3. Ok, first of all, I love that you are making a heart on your belly with your hands in that one picture. How cute are you?!

    Second, I don't think your hips are widening, but if they are, use that perspective, woman! A baby has to come out from between those suckers! Wider is better, darling :-P.

    Third, you look just lovely, as always.

  4. I hope I look half as cute as you when I start showing!! :) Although, because of all the bloating grossness, I swear I already am! ;)

  5. Lookin' good Amy!

    As for Molly not being able to sit on your lap for long....I have a feeling she will find a way, even if it means sitting ON your belly bump! :)

    I have a Mother's Day card for you....hopefully I'll mail it before next Mother's Day! :) Love ya! Hugs!!

  6. I think you look great! I can't really tell that you've grown too much since 16.5 weeks. The only thing that looks a bit bigger is your belly. The rest of you looks the same to me. In any event, all of you looks beautiful, as always.

  7. Your boobs look huge in that second photo .. it must be the angle as they look "normal" in the first one :oP

    You do look gorgeous as usual though :o)

  8. You are just too dang adorable :-)


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