Friday, May 14, 2010

Away We Go

I'm sitting in the comfort of my home in front of my own computer, waiting for my hard-working prince to come take me away for an anniversary weekend in Petoskey.  On Sunday, we will celebrate two years of loving and living as husband and wife.  It honestly feels like only six months have passed since we said, "I Do" - I'd say that's a good sign.

Stayed tuned for a schmoopy anniversary post (grab your barf buckets, boys and girls!) on Sunday.  In the meantime, I hope you have a happy, cozy, loved-filled weekend all your own. 



  1. Happy anniversary, you crazy kids! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! The actual anniversary is the 16th, right?

    And, I hear you on the time flying by. I still often say to Ira, "I'm your wife!! How cool!" It feels like a dream.

    I'm happy you two are so happy. :)

  3. Have fun!!

    Love the new look :)

    I'm out of town til Tuesday! WAHOO!


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