Wednesday, February 3, 2010

“Dear Chickpea” – A Letter From Daddy

Mark emailed me the sweetest response to my ‘Windows’ post and I couldn’t resist sharing it here.  This might become a somewhat regular feature here, since Mark wants to be involved but is really busy and finds it hard to write his own posts right now.  Reading this, I think you can see why it’s so easy to love this man.  Oh, and just to be clear, we’ve decided to refer to the baby as ‘Chickpea’ during the pregnancy.  What can we say: we love us some hummus.  ;o)

Dear Chickpea –

Almost four years ago exactly, your mother and I re-met. We followed a lighted path of love that night, from place to place, just trying to excitedly and bashfully keep hiding the interest we had for one another. Of course, at that time, we didn’t know it was a lighted path of love. But hey, that’s what makes where we are now all the better.

Waving little hands, leaning-half-way kisses, now that’s what life is all about. And you certainly don’t understand that yet, and probably won’t for some time. But it’ll sneak up on you one day, probably when you aren’t expecting it, when you find that certain someone who makes every day better than the last. You’ll find yourself…re-invented, but not in a bad way.

You will start to worry about someone else more than you do yourself (yes, really). You will start to see your future through the eyes of another – and with serious consequences. But it’s all for the good. You will start looking back on your life, journey by journey, and be thankful that they led you to where you were able to find that someone.

Your mom doesn’t want you to make her sick, not really anyway. She’s just hoping to get the fullest experience of you – to soak up every single moment, whether good (“I’m growing a spine today”) or bad (think toilet…).

With that said, someday you’ll look back at this blog (I’m sure a blog will be named something much cooler in a few years…) and smile, knowing that she, and we, couldn’t get enough of you – even from the beginning.

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