Thursday, February 11, 2010


As of today, I’m eight weeks along. For the math geeks, that equates to 20% done, 80% to go! When I think about the 20%, it seems like it’s flown by already.  Then I think about the 80% left to go and I feel tired and antsy.

Also making me antsy is the fact that Mark and I are planning a trip to Grand Rapids to break the great news to my mom and sister this weekend, followed by calls to the rest of the immediate family on both sides.  I’m not going to lie: this stage not only excites me but also makes me a bit nervous.  I simply can’t wait for our loved ones to know about the incoming baby in our life, but I also feel stressed about telling everyone and having them tell everyone else so soon.

For example, my mom is one of the most excitable, infectiously happy people on Earth.  When she hears good news, she wants the WHOLE WORLD to know!  And who would blame her this time?  Her baby is having a baby!  Still, what if something tragic happens? This information can’t be untold.  I promise I’m not dwelling on the bad that could happen, but it DOES happen, you know? Still, it’s driving me nuts to not have our closest people know this information, so tell we will.

I’m still mulling with creative ideas of how to tell our people.  For most, it will have to be shared via phone, since they are out-of-town or state.  For my mom, though, I’d love to do something special.  I’d REALLY love to capture her response on camera, too, if we can swing it without making her suspicious and ruining the surprise.  If you could have heard her reaction when I called to tell her I had gotten engaged (which was a complete surprise to even me), you’d totally know what I mean.  She pretty much did this hybrid laugh/cry/hyperventilate thing that still makes me smile to this day just thinking about it. It was really too freaking cute.

It’s great to know this baby already has so many wonderful people who will love it before it’s even here.  This is the fun part of things, I know.  I just have to let go and trust that it all works out the way it should.  If not, it’s also really comforting to know we have plenty of people to lean on.  And that’s a blessing of the greatest kind -- just like our Chickpea.

Postscript Update:
My mom managed to keep our secret for over a MONTH after we told her the news! I have NO idea how she did it, but I was super appreciative and impressed!  She said that people would ask her about me and she would tell them something in a way that didn't tell them the truth, but also was never lie.  Like one time, someone asked, "So, when you talked to Amy last, did she have any pregnancy news?" and she said, "Why yes, as a matter of fact, she did - she just found out one of her friends is expecting and she's very excited for her!"  HEE! She's so cute.  :o) 

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