Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3 Months

My boy is three months old today.  It was 13 weeks ago tonight that he was placed in my arms, changing my perspective on everything and giving me joy like none I'd ever experienced before.

How did I move through my days before they started with a cuddle and a gluttonous sniff of his tiny little head? Before I could say "Hello, my sweetie!" and witness his face-brightening smile over recognizing my voice?

He is a smiley, wriggly, sweet darling and I love him so much it hurts. At least once a day, tears spring to my eyes as I stare at Tate, pride bursting from within.

This post by Jennie at 'She Likes Purple' made me cry today, because JUST LOOK AT HOW MUCH I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO.  I loved this part, especially: "I refuse to look at my guy and weep over what he was for one moment because that steals something from what he is and what he is is so hair-pullingly frustratingly beautiful. What he is deserves my undivided attention." 

This speaks to me, because every single moment with my guy is precious and gives me reason for pause. I think to myself often, "Enjoy this...stop and just enjoy him." And, you guys? He makes it so, so easy to do.

And now I must go sing "Happy Birthday" to my son -- it's 10:45pm and around here, it's a weekly occasion we celebrate wholeheartedly.  


  1. The first and last picture made my heart burst. Yeah, OK, the middle two also. He's pure deliciousness.

    Happy 3 months plus one day birthday, Tate!

  2. All I can say is, "CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!" Love you guys!

  3. Thanks for the nice compliment, Amy! Your little man is too cute.

  4. Happy Birthday, indeed! I can't believe it has already been 3 months (*ahem, where IS that birth story ;-)*), so I can only imagine how quickly it has flown for you. The good news is that despite how thoroughly adorable he was from day 1, he seems to get even more adorable with every day and every picture, if that is possible! I have no doubt that you fully appreciate all that he is every second of every day. He's a lucky little boy!

  5. How rude...blogger deleted my post!

    I can't wait to meet this little man! :) January?

    Your posts always make me tear up!! In a great way!


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