Monday, January 25, 2010

Four Years = A Lifetime of Difference

Four years ago today, Mark entered my world and rocked it in a way I never would have expected.  By the time he came into my life, I think I was finally at a place where I felt like I deserved someone like him, but I certainly didn’t believe I’d actually be able to find him.  However, if I would have put into words then what I thought I wanted in my 'forever person,' I certainly would have short-changed myself.  You see, I never would have thought to wish for a love so perfect and good.

In four years’ time, my life has become unrecognizable.  Not one thing today, aside from some family and friends, remains the same as it was the day my handsome, kind, blue-eyed husband walked into view and changed the way I look at the world.

 How cute is that? He was slightly mortified when I asked him to pose with this as we 
shopped for baby books, but he indulged me anyway. LOVE HIM!

I don’t have to tell you Mark is my favorite person – that’s a given.  I believe one can see that written all over my face when I look at him.  Truth is, I have the honor of being a wife to the best, most all-encompassing human being I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I still find myself staring into space, wondering how I got so lucky, how in the world it ended up being me he chose to love for the rest of his life. Even when life isn’t perfect, I still have the knowledge that when I walk through the door of our home, there is a person waiting for me, willing and able to help me get through anything that may come.  I know it might sound cheesy to say, but I honestly DO think I have the best husband in the entire world.  Here are a few reasons why (grab your barf bucket now; I’m about to lay it on thick!):
  • He is thoughtful and kind and has a selfless, unfaltering heart;
  • he teases me in a loving way which has taught me how to laugh at myself;
  • he’s a most ethical and moral person, yet he never judges me, even when I judge myself;
  • he makes me feel safe…his hugs are a refuge;
  • he makes me laugh, sometimes even when I’m crying;
  • he is able to settle me down when I’m angry, without compromising the issue that made me upset in the first place;
  • he’s the smartest person I’ve ever met and always knows something about something – without being arrogant;
  • he is a great listener but also offers great advice;
  • he’s a giver, not a taker;
  • he takes such great care of me and our puppies and works exceedingly hard to provide a great life for us;
  • he never falters in his support for me and our life together;
  • he treats me as an equal, yet towers over me in every way in my own mind;
  • BEST OF ALL: he somehow loves me just the way I am – and reminds me of this love and admiration in little ways every single day.
And now, four years later, I am 5 & a half weeks pregnant with our baby. Knowing this makes my heart feel as if it could burst.  I can think of nothing more sacred and amazing than bringing someone into this world that shares Mark’s genes, who will someday offer more of the good he brings to this life. I won’t lie – I still feel like it’s a dream, me being able to carry that gift within me for the next months and eventually bring it into the world.  I hope I never take any of these blessings for granted.  I couldn’t ask for much more, and for that, I’m beyond grateful.

Happy four-year ‘dating’ anniversary, Mark.  I love you…so much.


  1. Beautiful words, and I'm sure he feels every bit as lucky that you came into his life. I may be biased, but I think everyone who knows you feels lucky to have you as part of their life, big or small. Did I mention that you are going to be an amazing mother?!

  2. you're kids are going to be gorgeous. i'm so jealous of that lol <3

  3. I want a marriage like yours some day! (And that tells you how great you are at expressing things, since I've never met either of you in real life!)


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