Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day KittyWatch 2012

Upon leaving the polls on Election Day 2012, we found a stray kitten that refused to come out to be rescued. It wasn't for lack of trying on Tate's part (it's really too bad we're allergic to kitties). We never could catch that kitten - though with all that empathic yelling, I can't imagine why... -  but if we had we would have named it Barack! ;o)


Election Day KittyWatch 2012
from Amy B on Vimeo.


  1. Let's see if your blog finally allows me to comment now.

    KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm allergic too, so I'll take Tate instead.

    PS. I really hope that kitty found his home. :(

    1. Oh no...you hadn't been able to comment? So sad! I just figured no one was reading, and I wouldn't be surprised since I rarely post. Ha! Tate would love to come to your house, especially if you don't have an allergy to little sleep - he is allergic to sleeping! ;) I hope the kitty found his home, too. He was SO CUTE.

  2. Awww, kitty!!!!! Love Tate's enthusiasm. He can come play with my kitties any time. :) Hope that little one safely made it to a nice, warm, home. Breaks my heart!

  3. Um, Tate continues to slay me. The kid is so adorable it hurts.


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