Thursday, September 8, 2011


Um. I'm confused. It seems I have a baby boy who is about to turn one in a week, who is on the verge of walking and driving and dating and going away to college OH MY GAH.

 *deep breath*

OK, I'm better now - had to get that out. It's just that, really, did he not enter this crazy world only a month ago? Wasn't it mere weeks ago that he came wailing into my life and amazed me with his loads of awesome? Because I could have sworn that was the case.

Clearly time flies when you have the best little companion EVER. Also? Tate just woke up from his nap. Didn't I just put him down, like, a minute and a half ago?... There goes that freaking time-flying thing again!

*Joey Lawrence WHOA*


  1. :D lucky you... and wish tate all the very best and you too:D

  2. I can't believe he is almost 1---where the HECK did the year go :)

    I love his Joey impression!

  3. The time went WAY fast! But, time does fly when you are having fun! And, children, especially Tate, are tons of fun! So, sorry sister....plan on the next year going just as fast! :(

    Love that picture of Tate....can't wait to see him and you tomorrow! Hugs!!!


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