Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tate - 4.5 months

Look at this little buddy! While these were being taken, the photographer kept stopping to hold her stomach and laugh over how SMILEY he was being. She was practically busting a gut and it was hilarious! We bust our guts daily over the cute things he does, but that's our job, right? She said it was amazing how his whole face lights up when he smiles... It was cool to see someone who doesn't love Tate by default (like our family/friends) be so instantly smitten with him. It just reaffirmed how special our boy is. He is such a vivid light in this world.



  1. wow! that is the happiest baby photoshoot I've ever seen!! Tater is such a cutie. My baby pictures all show a very tear stained, red eyed zoe. I was a cranky baby. What a great little guy you have :)

  2. Zoe, you might have been a cranky baby but you've more than made up for it as an adult. You are HIGHLY loveable and enjoyable! xo :o)

  3. Oh Tater Tot! What can I light up our world just by being your adorable, irrestible self!!! Grandma is so excited about seeing you on Thursday! I've been counting the days.

    We love you precious Tate!

    Gramma Doty

  4. Love the pic with the drool running down his chin! Looking at him would make anyone crack a huge smile, I believe :o).

  5. These are adorable!!!! The hat is killing me! :)


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