Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cousins = Instant Buddies

The other day I got an email from my sister, Alicia, sharing the most adorable pictures and story about my 7-year-old nephew, Caleb (one of her four awesome boys).  Apparently he is quite a huge fan of his new cousin, Tate!  See for yourself: 

Hi Amy! 
I had to share with you how much Caleb loves Tate!  Ever since Tate was born, Caleb has been drawing pictures of Tate and Gavin dressed as football players.  He says that since they were both born on the same day*, they are both "ultimate babies", which means they are able to do a lot more than the average baby.  So, they are both football players at a young age!

The first attachment shows a picture that Caleb drew yesterday at church.  Keep in mind that Caleb might be the biggest Michigan fan in our house!  But, he conceded to the loss to State very well, on Tate's behalf.  The picture shows Gavin and Tate as football players and Tate is holding the "Paul Bunyan" trophey!  How cute is that?!  I was cracking up!

The 2nd attachment is of a song he wrote at school.  They were asked to write a song of praise to God about something they were thankful for.  You can see it was written the day after Tate was born.

Here are the words, just in case you can't make them out:

"When my cousin was born, praise the Lord!  Hear this Oh mom, as I sing to the God of Israel!  My cousin was born.  I was happy.  Lord please take care of my cousin."

Pretty adorable, huh?!

How cute is that?! To add to this story, on Tuesday Alicia and Gavin made the trip to visit us for the day.  She said that when she told Caleb where she was going, he refused to leave for school until she let him go with her!  Finally, he said he would go to school as long as she gave him a date for when he could go see Tate himself...they will be here again on Oct. 24th. That is one determined and devoted little boy. :o) And Tate is so lucky to have such great cousins in his life!

Tate and Caleb
Tate and his four cousins: Jacob, Nolan, Caleb & Gavin
*I was going to share this awesome fact with you when I finally posted my birth story (coming!), but this couldn't wait.  Tate and Gavin were born on the same day, just four years insanely cool is that?! 


  1. And, our boys are very blessed to have Tate as their cousin too! I can't wait to see them interact with each other as Tate grows into an adorable little man! Love you guys!


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